Since our beach is one of the most popular and busy during the spring and summer, I feel that keeping it clean is a very important responsibility for our locals and everyone who visits our beaches. Even though we have no control over vacationers who leave trash on our beach, as residents to it we can do a better job by improving and maintaining its cleanliness. If everyone helped out in some way, big or small, I believe there would be a huge improvement in our beloved beach that we all want to see at its best when we want to go and enjoy good weather. Just by picking up after ourselves means a lot and by encouraging our friends and family to do the same is a great start. Having a clean beach is a good feeling to not only us who spend time there, but mostly to our natural wildlife who dwell and survive there. If we want pretty birds and fish to see when we go to the beach, then it is our job to keep them safe and in the healthy condition they deserve to live in. Leaving our empty cups and potato chip bags behind after we're finished with them for seagulls to come and get their heads stuck in because someone was too lazy to walk 10 more feet to the trash can and throw it away is a cruel and careless price these animals have to pay. So next time we are down on the beach, we should all try and take the extra minute to throw trash away if we see it blowing around in the wind. Every piece counts.