Chapter 1: Making Discoveries

-Look with new eyes
-Explore the World
-Find a Territory
-Use Guides

What do you want to accomplish?
What are some ways to choose a topic to write about?

Writing Activity:
-Write non-stop for 10 minutes.
-Put a topic at the top of your page.
-Don’t worry about what to write about, just start writing about the first thing that pops into your head.
-If you get stuck write the same sentence twice or write about being hungry or how hard it is to write.
-After you’ve finished, read what you have written and underline any key ideas.
-Select one of the ideas and put it at the top of the page. Then write nonstop again for 5 minutes.

Make an idea map:
Start with a general subject.
Create general categories about this subject.
Generate topics about each category.
Circle the parts that you will write about.