Newspaper Article = current.
This issue is about protesters about the anti-government issues that they think are fraudelent and also they disapprove of so the police have had to get involved by using tear gas to lessen the impact of the protesters in the country of . and also that they want to get rid of the president's reign and get another because of all the wrong doings such as the stock market crash yesterday in egypt since he statrted as president of egypt a couple years ago . = scholar article
this issue is about in Bangladesh of how an organization in the country was trying to topple the regime where trying to find a way for years to get rid of it by walking out in parliament, doing general strikes and political movements to prove a point of trying to get a new government with the organizations help. = blog
This blog was talking about of how one issue is getting resolved in one country or trying to as another is getting started in a different country on almost the same issue.

What all these articles or blogs are from middle length to very short trying to describe of how in other countries they are all trying to cause chaos in their government to overthrow their government or change something about it. I also believe that what the articles are trying to get across to the reader is that the citizens believe their government is doing something wrong that they don't approve styles across genres. The article and scholar article would be more reliable in writing a paper based on the facts rather than in the blog on the issue would be a person's opinion on how to solve the issue or want it is rather than the facts in the scholar or article from google or the news journal.