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$1500 mo. SoHo New York Roommates looking for another roommate.

Three roommates were looking for a fourth. They said the room was bright and cheerful, had a great private patio, and storage. The roommates seemed to be looking for a certain personality type, someone who will fit into their group. They lived closed to restaurants and shops. They enjoyed hanging out and having a really good time. They were not as foucsed on finding a roommate as they were finding someone to fit in with them.

500 ERU Rome Italy,

Was looking for a roommate. They just listed the basics about the room and the location. They did seem to care what kind of person they got as long as they filled the room. They were more practical than anything. They said the rent included all utilities. The room was large, very clean, and tidy. It comes furnished and you can walk to local shops and stores. This person comes across as someone who only wants the money. They really don't care if they like the person or not as long as they pay.