For the past two years, Edgewater Public Elementary School has been brutalized by two parents of a child who has a peanut allergy. These parent's are currently suing the Volusia County School District over this issue. They are obsessed with the fact that their daughter has allergy to the point that teachers and students are suffering. The parent's have made these teachers lives hell. It has gotten to the point that many of them have thought/are thinking about quitting. The mother is known for bullying her way into getting what she wants and everyone is fed up with the fact that she is running the school. Our children are being denied those special memories and celebrations that every other school in the world offers.

When baby Smith went into first grade the teachers knew the history of what the mother had done the previous year so they put in place two new rules, which in turn punished everyone else too. The teachers had to stop parents from volunteering which puts a lot more stress on the teachers themselves but the rewards out weighed the consequences. Keeping the volunteers out of the classrooms would hopefully keep down the trouble from Mrs. Smith and allow the teachers to focus their time on the students instead of worrying about who she was trying to get fired today. The second rule was stop the food from coming into the room. Mrs. Smith complained constantly about what was being brought into the classroom and the sanitation because of baby Smith's allergy. Please keep in mind Mrs. Smith takes baby Smith trick-or-treating, out to eat at Chili's and was even seen in the grocery store (I wonder how sterilized all these places were for baby's Smith's allergy). Baby Smith was also at the school carnival with stuffed animals that she had purchased that had been donated by an individual and not sterilized. But, did they bother to even check? No!

Our children are also missing out on their holiday celebrations, parties, or events that they may have earned because of the Smith family. During Valentine's Day, Mrs Smith took advantage of the fact that her daughter's teacher had a substitute in the classroom and brought in cupcakes for the whole class but yet, the other classes were all instructed to not accept any food due to the fact that this child had an allergy. Our children did without while her daughter's class had their party and treats. If the children brought in Valentines that had candy attached, they were forced to leave them outside until the end of class. This rule was put in place because the Smiths caused so many issues and because of their law suit and now they are getting special treatment. It is terrible trying to explained to your 7-year-old why some people were able to have cupcakes and she was not.

These parent's have also gone as far as asking the Volusia County School Board to have our children wipe their faces and hands with Clorox wipes. The legal team for the school board has actually approved this but as a parent, it will not happen to my child. The school is currently taking the children to the bathroom every morning and making the children wash their mouths out and wash their hands. This is taking out of their learning time. Also, please keep in mind, this is even happening to classes that baby Smith is not in. They also have to visit the bathroom after lunch and repeat their morning ritual.

There is a very easy solution to this problem. If this child is truly in this much danger if she comes in contact with a peanut, please keep her home. Do not risk her life. When they drop this child off at school, the parents are putting her life in danger. Who in their right mind would let a bunch of strangers take care of their child if she is this fragile? It is understandable if both parent's have to work but they have an option to put her in a school that is more equipped to handle a life threatening allergy. She is suffering right a long with the rest of the kids. She is not getting to enjoy the parties and celebrations either. In a school which deals with these issues, they have made arrangements for the special foods, drinks, etc. She would be more happier there with people who could relate to her. Right now, the students resent her and call her names. This is not a childhood this little girl deserves.

If they are not able to move baby Smith to a safer school, at least let our children have their holiday parties in the cafeteria. Do not deprive them of these memories.