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Wednesday 3/2
MLA Review: MLA multiple choice test is Thursday 3/3 during class
Peer Review--to be completed on the wiki by Thursday 3/3. Look at "Peer Review" on the left navigation bar for more details.

Your Revision due date is moved to Friday 3/4 by 11:59pm

Since Turnitin.com was down today, we will be completing the Peer Review tomorrow 3/2 in the computer lab. Create a new page on your wiki and post your paper there, either by copying/pasting your document or uploading the file.

2nd Short Paper--Informative Topic, due Monday 2/28 by 11:59pm on turnitin.com
Class Tuesday 3/1 will meet in the computer lab
Assignment for Monday 2/28
Read "Does Eating Salmon Lower the Murder Rate?" (218--the 2nd half of the book)
Wiki HW: Arguing for Change in your community. Choose a topic affecting your community or DSC and argue for a change.
Readings for Thursday 2/24
Read Chapter 14: Arguing for a Change
"Coal in a Nice Shade of Green" (353)
"A Trail of DNA and Data" (357)

Tuesday in class
Computer Lab: Choose an issue that you care about and argue a position. (Look at Chapter 13 for additional help). Find at least one article about your issue that you reference in your paper. The in class writing quiz #3 will be in class on Wednesday 2/23.
If you were not in class you will need to find an article and have it with you in class on Wednesday to complete the in class writing quiz. Also, I need to know what topic you will be writing your second short paper, Writing to Inform. This paper is due by Monday 2/28 at 11:59pm. There will be a peer review done in class Tuesday 2/29 (in the computer lab). If you turn in your paper on time and complete the peer review in class then you will have the option to revise, no matter what you initial grade is.
Readings for Monday 2/21
Chapter 13: Arguing for a Position

Assignment for Thursday 2/17
Regarding "The Nitpicking Nation" Answer #2 on page 263 -- Post answers on your wiki
Readings for Wednesday, 2/16
Chapter 12: Writing to Evaluate
"The Aesthetics of Wind Power"
"McNasty: The New 'Healthy' Fast Food Items Taste Bad (and Aren't So Healthy Either)"
"The Nitpicking Nation"

2nd In class writing quiz on Tuesday, 2/15
This assignment will be based on the film Into the Wild and Chapter 11 "Writing to Analyze Causes"

Peer Reviews (on turnitin.com) MUST be completed by Friday (2/11) 11:59pm to receive credit. If you have already done the 2 peer reviews yesterday 2/8, then you have completed the assignment. If you have not completed any, or only completed one, please sign on to turnitin.com and choose the 2nd PeerMark listed under Writing to Analyze. I had to make a new PeerMark because the deadline for the first has past and I am unable to edit/extend the time. If you have done 1 peer review then you only need to do one more.

I am not feeling well and will not be making it to class/campus today. Please complete the scheduled assignment, the Peer Review, on turnitin.com. You will have until midnight to complete the Peer Review. If there are any problems please send me a message on the wiki or email me at mbradleydsc@gmail.com
Sorry for the late notice, as I was trying my best to fight thru feeling ill but with no avail.

Assignment for Wednesday 2/9

We will finish covering Chapter 10 (analyzing visuals) and start Chapter 11 (analyzing causes)

Assignment for Tuesday 2/8

Tuesday, Feb. 8th we will be in the computer lab – However, we will meet in the classroom first and go over together. You will be completing peer reviews on 2 of your classmates Short Papers. To receive credit, this MUST be done during class.

Assignment for Thursday 2/3
Read the stories in Chapter 10 -- Writing to Analyze

Your first 3-4 page paper is due Monday night by 11:59pm on turnitin.com

This paper will be an analysis (look at syllabus for more details).

Assignment for Wednesday 2/2
Read "Meet Joe Blog" page 306
Assignment for Tuesday 2/1: Civic Engagement

Find two organizations/clubs in the community or at Daytona State College

-Inform what the club is about and write a reflection describing how you could make a difference in the organization/club and why this organization/club interests you.

Take the impact quiz at myfootprint.org

Assignment for Monday 1/31

Read "From Pole to Shining Pole" by Al Gore (page 273 in the 2nd half of the textbook)

Assignment for Thursday 1/27:

Page 59 in your textbook "Compare Styles Across Genres".

Create a new page on your wiki and post assignment.