Peer Review Instructions

Peer Reviews will be completed via the Wiki.
1. Create a new page on your wiki and name it “Informative Paper”
2. Upload your paper by editing the page and going to “file”. Also copy and paste a version of your paper directly on the wiki page.
3. Answer the following questions on 2 papers, by going to “wiki pages” and choosing the 2 people listed underneath you. If the person does not have a paper listed, skip
down to the next person.

Peer Review Questions:
1. Is the title appealing? Why or why not?
2. What are the main ideas of the paper?
3. What is the evidence provided to support the main claim?
4. What are the positive values in the paper?
5. What are the strongest points?
6. What parts need more explanation or are not clear to you?
7. Did you knowledge and/or feelings change as you read?
8. What are some suggestions for improving the paper?
9. Are in-text citations in correct MLA format? Why or why not?
10. Is the Works Cited page in appropriate MLA format? Why or why not?