The significance of Early Childhood Education

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It is important for parents to know that their child's education begins at home. Early Childhood Education is a way to insure your child is a well rounded individual. The characteristics that may or may not enhance a child's maturity and habits they learn, all begin at home. I find the article to be helpful and quite insightful. Many do not understand that as parents we are our child/children's FIRST teacher. Meaning, they learn from what they see and hear. I believe many would agree that a child's mind is like a sponge. The many VALUABLE or INVALUABLE things they learn at this young age will follow them as they grow up. As parents it's important that we model good habits and behavior for they are watching. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Monkey see monkey do?" Well, that's pretty much the mentality young children have. They aren't born knowing the knowledge they will gain by age six, so they learn mostly by mimicking the world around them. Indeed, some parents may NOT be aware of the significance of Early Childhood Education which is why it's very crucial that they use ANY and EVERY resource available to them through their COMMUNITY!