If everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle, we would need:

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5.73 Earths=

The Surfrider Foundation and the Smyrna Surfari Club are two local organizations in my community that I feel strongly about, because they both impact surfers, which I am. The Surfrider Foundation is a club designed to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. They do this by setting up small chapters in beach communities all over the world. Their core beliefs are preserving clean water, beach access, beach preservation, and protecting special places. The Smyrna Surfari Club was founded by members in my community over 30 years ago, as a non-profit organization created to support surfing. Today the club puts on surf contests twice a year, organizes beach clean ups, and gives a scholarship to youth from our local high school.
I'd want to join the Surfrider Foundation, because I am interested in helping my surf community. The New Smyrna Beach inlet has recently come under much debate, because the local government wants to expand the jetty. However, this would effect the surfing conditions at the inlet. The Volusia/ Flagler Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is strongly against this decision and is working hard to stop it. I would like to help them on this mission. The Smyrna Surfari Club is another organization that would be enjoyable to join because they always have fun events. I have surfed in their contests since I was a kid and always had the best time, and I could help them put these on. I could also participate in the beach clean ups, because I enjoy a clean beach. The Club also put on parties for its members and they always seems to have a good time.